… the one I love and the one who sees me.

You see me and I see you. You feel me and I feel you.

You walk through life with me with kindness and gentleness.

You hold me with softness and assure me of my place in your life.

You are intentional in making sure my mind is at peace always. You recognize the turbulence that goes through my mind and you do everything to put it to rest.

It’s easy for you because I do same for you without a doubt.

It’s become part of us, to be conscious in how we make each other feel good.

We recognize that everything emanates from our minds first so we thoroughly put in work.

You acknowledge my wholeness.

You recognize my struggles and help me navigate through them.

You are honest with everything without demand. You just are. You care for yourself well enough so you could care for me.

You learn to understand yourself so you can understand me better.

You make the process of authenticity easy and you drown me in sweet words.

You hold my hand and plant soft kisses all over me whenever you could.

You make me believe in my beauty and difference. You make me feel powerful.

You hold me in moments of despair.

You heave my burdens.

You grant me freedom to be me.

You grant me freedom to make mistakes and figure my thoughts and actions out.

You grant me freedom to learn to live without you. You love me in a way that makes it easy to just breathe and be.

You love me because I am and you are and that intersection forever holds us safe.



I think about being human and all it comes with.

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Sheila Adufutse

Sheila Adufutse

I think about being human and all it comes with.

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